Locally Grown

nevada onion

What is local produce?

Produce that has to travel across the country or even the world is not as fresh as locally grown produce. Not only is it fresher, but locally grown produce has a lower cost as it saves valuable food miles and unnecessary carbon emissions from today’s current transportation. The locally grown food movement has swept the world. Producers, retailers, wholesalers, and consumers alike are demanding products that are grown close to home. Although the parameters to qualify a product as locally grown are open to debate, there is no question that this topic is at the forefront of the produce industry. There has even been a word designated for locally grown food seeking enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the New Oxford Dictionary chose locavore, a person who seeks out locally produced food as its word of the year in the year 2007.

There are many benefits to providing consumers with locally grown food options including:

1. Supporting local farmers and the local food economy
2. Save food miles, reduce carbon emissions
3. Fresh, better tasting products
4. Lower costs

Even before the locavore movement, we knew that growing, packing, and distributing onions within a limited radius was smart business. With that in mind, an initiative of Michael Cutler Company has been diversifying our investments and risk by growing onions in as many regions as possible. This allows us the luxury of a year round program and the ability to offer locally grown products to our customers when they are in season.

Locally grown means ‘fresh’

Local produce has lower food miles and in turn, is fresher for consumers. It takes a week or more to transport produce from one side of the United States to the other reducing the shelf life before you even purchase it.

Locally grown is better for the regional economy

Support growers in your region and find more produce grown near you. When you purchase locally grown produce, you are encouraging farmers to grow more types of produce.

Locally grown is better for the environment

Saving food miles helps reduce pollution caused by current transportation. Our locally grown produce can shave over 2,200 miles off your produce!

Locally grown is safer

Food that travels fewer miles from farm to fork is less susceptible to contamination. Food Safety is our top priority. Read our fresh produce safety FAQ.
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