Who we are

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by being a leading provider of safe, high quality produce and value-added solutions.


A commitment to growing

Michael Cutler Company is an agricultural focused company. When our farmers succeed, we succeed. Our operations span across North America and our vertical integration in fresh produce markets allow us to provide food safe, nutritional produce at a competitive price.

We produce many types of fruits and vegetables with our forte being onions. We are constantly expanding & evaluating our growing programs to maximize our potential efficiency.

In the end, it is the world’s farmers that feed our growing world.

A commitment to quality

Quality is of utmost importance to us especially in the fresh produce industry. Our food safety practices allow us to produce fresh products that consumers can trust. We are committed to the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement from top to bottom. By constantly improving our activities, practices and processes, we aim to eliminate waste and create a smaller carbon footprint.


Where it began…

Philip Cutler

In 1926 Michael Cutler’s grandfather, Philip Ball, began his journey in the produce industry when he went to work for his brother-in-law at Champagnier Produce Company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  At Champagnier, Philip built his reputation in the produce industry shipping truckload volume fruits and vegetables.  In 1944, he left Champagnier Produce Company and created Ball Brokerage Company where he continued to sell a variety of fresh produce in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre area. In 1951, Philip Ball’s son-in-law and Michael Cutler’s father, Philip Cutler, joined the company and began to expand their selling area. In 1967, Philip Cutler purchased Ball Brokerage Company and hired his oldest son Michael.  During the early years of Michael’s career in the produce industry, he assisted his father with sales after school, on weekends, and during school vacations.


In 1973, Race-West was created and used as a platform to ship produce nationwide. Upon graduation from college in 1974, Michael Cutler became a fulltime employee of Ball Brokerage Company and Race-West Company. Michael’s brothers joined the sales staff after their college graduations and the companies continued to grow and expand.

Michael Cutler Company

After years of dedication and passion for produce, Michael formed MCCO in 2005 to focus on growing, packing, and shipping onions. In 2006 Michael Cutler of California was formed to focus on onion and fruit sales in California.


Since the inception of Michael Cutler Company, we have expanded our growing, packing, and shipping operations to be vertically integrated with year round onion programs. We continue to grow with integrity, pride, and passion for produce.